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Logos: Macintosh Day 2024

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Oh wow, today is the what? The 40th Anniversary of the First release of the Macintosh made by Apple. Wow, I thought computers were old, but, man, my granpa is older than the first GUI enabled Apple PC, LOL.

Anyways, we made a little logo to celebrate this Nerdy Event as always, and also, it seems this is the first celebration post of 2024, OMG, I can barely hold my tears, guys. COF, so, let’s read a little about Macintosh, Happy Macintosh Day everyone!!!! XD

Animation made by Impreza Team for the Header Logo 2024


The first Macintosh was unveiled on January 24, 1984, becoming the first commercially successful PC to feature GUI (graphical user interface), a mouse, and an operating system (System 1, the earliest type of Mac OS). The Macintosh had 64KB of RAM and could support a 256X256 pixel black and white bitmap display. It used a Motorola 6809E processor. It also featured other software programs such as MacWrite (Word processor) and Mac Paint (graphics program).

It was a major milestone for Apple. In fact, Macintosh revolutionized the computing industry and the entire world.

All along, Apple had a vision of a low-cost, easy-to-use computer for the ordinary consumer. Lisa was the forerunner of the Macintosh, and it was advertised with Lisa as one family when it was launched. But the Macintosh delivered on Apple’s original vision.


Source: History Cooperative

Check our Animated Logo made for this event

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