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Keyword in Domain Name Less Important?

“Out of sight, out of mind” – feels a bit weird for me, and hopefully for you too. For it is understood that search engine optimization is about: to be visible – and also exactly where and when required by customers your products and services. When there is statistical evidence that 9 out of 10 purchases is preceded by a search online, it is quite surprising that search engine optimization as a concept is not more widely known than it is.

Anyway, what said Matt Cutts then, the Google’s own SEO super-guru? Well, according Jajja Magazine, it was mainly two things that felt new and perhaps a bit surprising:

1. Age of a domain has no importance on Google. It has “always been called” the older domains prevail newer. Recently, says Matt Cutts, Google does not care about a domain name’s age, as long as it is older than six months. It’s new.

2. Keyword in domain name may be less important. Do you have a domain name that is your keyword, it has so far been pretty easy to top the Google results for that keyword. Now that Google place less emphasis on keywords in the domain name it will make it harder. It’s new.

But these two new features does not necessarily mean a revolution, as I see it. And to the extent they do, so it should only be of benefit.

First: To obtain and maintain a good Google position, you must have really good content. Content that is relevant content that engages, content that people want to share and read. If you succeed with it so will also your backlinks. And the longer you worked on continually improving the content, the greater the chance that you have acquired many inbound links. Thus, the age effect – in practice. It is not new.

Second: When the importance of keywords in the domain decreases, increasing the space for content and links further. Maybe it’s bad news for some affiliate sites that put their hands on some industries hottest keywords for their domains, but good news for most people.


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