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It is possible to mine Bitcoins with an old Nintendo Game Boy from 1989


It’s time to dig up that one Nintendo Game Boy old and dusty, which has been tucked in a box in the wardrobe since 2003, because YouTuber stacksmashing figured out how to mine Bitcoins with it. Stonks!

But calm down, putting the old portable video game to calculate cryptocurrency blockchain nodes and mining at least an entire Bitcoin (R $ 314 thousand) can take millions of years. In addition to all the necessary configuration for this.

The good news is that it runs on two conventional AA batteries. That is, it will finally be possible to mine cryptocurrencies at low cost, without your electricity bill being more expensive than mining profits (important).

Not bad for a portable console launched in 1989, is it not?

According to stacksmashing, it is necessary to have a Game Boy, a link cable, to connect to the internet (used by Pokemon players to exchange Pokemons), a Raspberry Pi Pico, some specific software (including one developed by the author of the project) and a lot, but a lot of patience.

The entire process is described and exemplified in the video, going through all the hardware, software and firmware configuration, until finally starting to mine Bitcoins.

What motivated YouTuber to invest in this project, as he says, is that it is now possible to buy a Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car, with the cryptocurrency.

“Elon Musk announced that we can now buy Teslas with Bitcoin and one thing was clear to me: I needed to get into the Bitcoin game”, justifies stacksmashing, in the video. Look:

Source: TheHack

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