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Internet Commerce Association introduces $25-a-month membership option

Internet Commerce Association (ICA), a trade group that represents domain name investors, has introduced a new membership option.

The Basic Member level is $300 per year and can be paid at $25 per month.

Previously, the lowest level was $600 per year.

The Basic membership is similar to the $600 level in that it’s only open to individuals, not companies. Compared to the $600 level, the new level does not have the same posting privileges, has lower weight voting in board elections, and gets a bit less recognization in the member directory.

All members must adhere to the Internet Commerce Association Code of Conduct. This includes respecting intellectual property rights, adhering to fraud laws, maintaining accurate Whois information, and not registering domain names with the intent to profit from a recent tragedy.

ICA represents domain name owners in ICANN policy issues, regulations, and other topics of interest to people who buy and sell domains.


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