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In Germany, woman dies after hospital attacked by ransomware


If you are a frequent reader of The Hack, you certainly work in the field, are enthusiastic or simply curious about information security, having above-average knowledge on the subject. So, let’s agree: it is quite difficult to explain to a complete layman the importance that this sector has in our lives in an increasingly connected world and dependent on computerized systems.

This incident is possibly the easiest way to demonstrate to someone outside our circle how dangerous cyber attacks can be and to raise public awareness of this problem: in early September, a woman died in Germany after a hospital fell victim to ransomware, which froze its systems and made it impossible for him to continue performing his services.

The hospital in question was the Düsseldorf University Hospital, located in the Germanic city that gives it its name. The victim had a critical treatment scheduled for the day of the attack, and had to be relocated to another institution 30 kilometers away – unfortunately, she couldn’t resist the trip and ended up dying. Authorities are already investigating the incident as homicide, a crime for which attackers can be tried.

Although the situation may seem unlikely, experts contacted by Fox News point out that it was perfectly predictable: hospitals are not usually prepared for cyber attacks and most critical equipment used to treat patients relies on systems connected at least to a local network. In any case, the event serves as an alert to an urgent need to review the protection of this type of environment.

Source: Fox News

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