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How Phishing Threats Hurt My Business?

phishing threat in my company

by: Impreza Host

Threats to your business can occur through phishing. It can be described as a type of telecommunication fraud. Using tricks to lure users and persuade them to get their private data.

° What is Phishing?

What are the effects of phishing on my company?

The goal of the phishing threat is to obtain information about your company that is private. Login credentials or credit card numbers are at stake. It is also a very used technique for espionage.

Once hackers get what they want, they can exchange the data obtained from your website or business strategy with competitors or those interested in bringing down your business.

As a result, some hackers go so far as to create fake profiles on social media and invest time in building a relationship with potential victims, only activating the trap after building trust.

While phishing threatens mass individuals, “spear phishing” targets businesses. These types of emails simulate a message sent by IT or finance. Consequently, when falling for this scam, the professional puts all the company’s data at risk.


employee receiving phishing alert
image: phishing alert victim

How the phishing threat occurs:

First, the threat of phishing to your company is made through electronic contact, such as email or over the phone. Second, the criminal pretends to be a trusted contact or company. For the purpose of giving instructions such as: “update or confirm your data”, “access the link” or “validate this action”.

As soon as any of these actions are followed, the user is already exposed.

Therefore, it is very important to be aware and protected against these threats, false and criminal acts that can put an end to your business. In addition to using current resources to avoid this scam, employees need to be aware of this type of cybercrime.

°How to defend against phishing.

Don’t be exposed, you need to hire a service to monitor your website and scan in real time to avoid online threats:



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