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Google launches Coronavirus website


Google launches coronavirus website

Google had a couple blips but has now released their coronavirus website. The website is currently only in English according to The Verge who covered the launch. is now pointing to with a ton of info

From the article:

The website is at It does have useful resources, including a card that mimics what you see above. Google’s post announcing the site
says that you will be able to find “state-based information, safety and
prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further
resources for individuals, educators and businesses.” Google emphasizes
that it’s pulling information from “authoritative” sources like the WHO
and the CDC.

The new coronavirus is spreading through the US, and
several states have made emergency declarations. The World Health
Organization has
declared it a pandemic. Here are the basics:

Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

See the original post at:

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