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Forbes contributor asks “Is Google Helping End The Dominance Of .COM?” NO!

Google and .com

A Forbes contributor, Johan Moreno published an article on Google, new gtld domains and .com.

Some of the stats are not correct, the author ends the article with the following:

.COM still holds about 22% of all TLD registrations, according to data from Domain Name Stat. A leading gTLD, .xyz, has about 1.36%.

Namepros member eCalc had the right numbers,

Domain Name Stat may want to get a new slide rule. Verisign is in a good position to know and here’s what they say: “The second quarter of 2020 closed with 370.1 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains … the .com domain name base totaled 148.7 million domain name registrations …”
source: The Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief Q2 2020

148.7 ÷ 370.1 = 40.2%

It’s a big world, there are some that are .com only and some just interested in new gtlds. I am open to viewing every situation on a case by case basis. I have made money in new gtlds but these broad sweeping statements, just don’t make a lot of sense.

Anything can sell, anyone can develop on the extension of their choice. What is the long term strategy that works out the best? Most times, not all, but most times it is with the best .com you can afford.

The author talked about sometimes a new gtld website outranked a domain name ending in .com. Really??? For what keywords? How competitive are the keywords? How competent is the person running the .com website?

A lot of smart younger people, are out there developing on new gtlds that’s not a surprise. They might be far ahead of some old school .com website that does not care about SEO. Look at the domain name industry, many don’t believe in SEO.

40% of all names registered is still pretty dominant. All these debates always seem to slight cctld’s. They never included them but they are a pretty large segment of the global domain name landscape.

New Gtld’s have been bopping up and down according to

April 2017 there are 29,447,005 registrations

February 2018 there are 22,692,244

May 2020 there are 33,707,047

Today there are 30,716,425

What’s to come? Another round of new gtld’s, .web eventually lauching. If you don’t own the right domain names as an investor it does not matter. If you own the right names .com can dominate and you can still make some money if you are selective and know what you are doing.

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