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Exact Match Domain SEO – Does It Work?


As you should know, the search engine algorithms change on a daily basis, so you have to stay updated. If you are reading this and it is a year old, you may want to look into fresh content.

Exact Match Domain, “EMD” is a term used to register a domain name that is the exact keyword you are targeting in the search engines. For instance, if you wanted to target the keyword “nhl superstars”, you would use the domain name So does this work for SEO purposes?

As blunt as I can make this statement, the answer is YES. Of course EMD works and it will give you an extra boost in the search engines right off of the bat. I currently have over 100 EMD domain names that have no backlinks, very little content, and still rank on the first page of the search engines.

Even though this is only one factor in the mystery algorithms, it still is highly effective. Here are a few tips when finding an exact domain match.

  1. Always make sure you do your keyword research before hand. Try to find searches that are over a few thousand a month.
  2. .com,.net, are the best domain extensions. These should be the only one you should use when registering a domain name for high rankings
  3. Watch out for copyright violations. Some companies do not like when you place their company name into your domain. They may ask you to take it down.


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