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Domainer Twitter has been spicy this past week


Different communities on Twitter gain their own little designation, NFL Twitter, NBA Twitter, StarWars Twitter, etc… A decade ago it would have seemed there would be no way there was a Domainer Twitter, I mean for years people preached only produce content on your domain name the thing which you control. Don’t let a third party censor you or take your handle away for whatever reason they like.

Well today a lot of information and debate and discussion takes place solely on Twitter. There are accounts that focus on reporting sales that are only reported there.

In the last week Domaining Twitter has gotten spicy. Some of these interactions came out of nowhere. There is a great deal of debate about whether Swetha is real. Who is an idiot, who is the number one domain seller in the world. It’s been quite a read.

So Mike Mann reports that he sold for $67,000. After a couple congrats. The fireworks started. Now you need to understand the backstory that Mike Mann has said Swetha is not real and questioned the .xyz sales.

Enter James Block

We have other threads to get to so you can click on anyone of those tweets and continue to read the replies, enters the fray, Mike Mann will go on to say “I am the world’s top domain seller and most common sense person.”

Now we have Snoopy making a tweet regarding Swetha and again debate emerged

The next day Snoopy tweeted again and the Castello Brothers replied.

To get a full dialogue back and forth it’s best to just follow this link

It’s funny someone years ago said to me once, “I can’t sell .info names, so when I see them sell I believe they are fake sales.” It was the same thing when I spent the majority of my time running the .tv sub forum on Namepros, people who did not sell .tv names believed that JohnTV and Argos and Donnied’s sales could not be real. Do domain investors just doubt the sales of something they are not invested in?

The unique thing about Swetha is one person kind of cornered the market right? She purchased a staggering amount of .xyz names, I could not even imagine believing in a new extension that much.

It’s safe to say people are dug in on all sides and it’s doubtful people will come to any agreement.

Then we have those frustrated with Atom.


Source: TheDomains

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