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do you even know how to protect yourself in the office?


With the exception of critical activities that need to be performed in person, remote work remains a standard for most Brazilian professionals. The offices remain closed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) and will probably remain so until a vaccine against COVID-19 is disseminated. But then what? What will really happen within the new normal?

Possibly, we will observe the adoption of a hybrid model – that is, it will be possible to work both from home and in a physical corporate space. The companies realized that teleworking has several advantages (such as the reduction of operating costs), but they also understood that it is necessary to have a face-to-face integration hub for occasional needs.

With the adoption of such a model, old concerns about information security awareness return. Working in an office has several specific risks that employees may have forgotten, such as contact with malicious individuals in common areas, a malicious snooping of an insider to discover their passwords or even the failure to adopt a clean table policy.

Reproduction: Compugraf / Check Point

Do you know how to behave safely while working in person? Test your knowledge in the second phase of Protection Game, a fun bingo-style game developed by Compugraf in partnership with Check Point. In this second level, you can find out if you are specifically aware of how to combat the threats that exist in the physical work environment, reporting hazards and avoiding risks. Click here to download the Protection Game for free!

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