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Criminals have already registered 30 fraudulent Pix key domains


According to Kaspersky experts, 30 fraudulent domains related to Pix keys were registered in just 24 hours after the official start of the registration process for the new electronic payment system. Among the identified addresses, we have; pxpix manager;;;;; and

Registering fake domains is the first step for criminals start a phishing campaign or host malicious pages with forms to steal victims’ personal and bank details. In comparison, Kaspersky recalls that after the Federal Government announced Emergency Aid in April, 100 fraudulent domains were detected in just one week.

“The Brazilian banking system has one of the most advanced anti-fraud systems in the world and this is a reflection of the quality of national cybercrime. From experience in this market, I believe that the electronic payment system will be secure, we just don’t have the details to say how this security will work, ”says Fabio Assolini, senior threat researcher at Kaspersky in Brazil.

The recommendation remains the same: just register your Pix keys through official bank applications the institution in which you are an account holder.

Source: Kaspersky

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