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Branders Union publishes it’s Brandable Marketplace Report for Summer, 2020


Branders Union

For all the brandable domain investors out there, you might be interested in the Branders Union. An organization started by Alan August that is essentially a union of brandable investors having a collective voice.

They have just published their Brandable Marketplace Report for Summer, 2020.

It’s a nice report, well done and explains the background of the group and then delves into their thoughts on BrandBucket, Squadhelp and Brandpa.

The union sought responses from the three brandable domain marketplaces. Only Brandpa gave a response.

The report contains what sellers are saying and marketplace ratings.

The report concludes with the following statement:


Each of the three brandable domain marketplaces offers distinct benefits and sellers are grateful to have three viable options to boost the discoverability of our domains.

We value all three marketplaces, root for your success,and appreciate each of your vital roles in advancing brandable domaining.

As the owners of most of the assets on the marketplace, we would also like a greater voice in marketplace activity.

BrandBucket, please let us know how you plan to address review times, marketplace search and domain discoverability issues, the general lack of transparency, and other points in this report.

Squadhelp, please let us know how you will address the perceived injustices in your domain submission process, your censorship and intolerance of criticism, your low ethics ratings, and other points in this report.

Brandpa, please let us know how you will address the concerns over the integrity of the marketplace inventory and other points in this report.

We look forward to your response.Sincerely, Branders Union.

You can download the report here

You can sign up to join the Union at

Disclosure: No one at TheDomains is currently a member of the Branders Union, TheDomains was not compensated to publish this report, it is the author’s opinion that the content should be of interest to brandable domain investors and is newsworthy. This post is not an endorsement of Branders Union, and anyone who joins should make sure to do their own due diligence.

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