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Bill aims to criminalize the sale of leaks, but may affect the work of researchers and specialized media


Data leaks are increasingly common in Brazil and in the world, and, even with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) already in force, personal information of Brazilian citizens continues to be negotiated in droves in web forums. In order to try to curb this type of activity, Senator Daniella Ribeiro (PP / PB) created the Bill no. 615/2021, which intends to punish such a crime with tougher penalties.

The PL’s idea is to “amend Law No. 9,296, of July 24, 1996, to criminalize the conduct of negotiating data from interception of telephone, computer or telematic communications”. THE inside content of the proposal can be read on this link, but we warn you in advance that it can still be considered a draft and does not provide details on several important issues.

According to the PL, may be punished by imprisonment for two to four years and a fine whoever “acquires, offers, negotiates, trades or, in any way, participates in the disclosure or dissemination, for profit, of the data obtained in the form of the caput”. And this is where the bug catches: this would also apply to independent researchers, cybersecurity companies and specialized media?

THE The Hack, for example, receives constantly leaked databases and investigates the incidents – together with the companies or agencies involved – to later make the disclosure and dissemination of the fact. Since we are a media vehicle, it is natural that, in one way or another, our ultimate goal is profit (not with the databases themselves, but with the sale of advertising, which is only possible thanks to traffic of readers.

Since the project is still in its infancy and in public consultation, it must go through several changes before being voted on in the Senate and forwarded to the House; only after that can it be sanctioned by the Presidency. The Hack contacted Senator Daniella, but we did not get feedback on the matter until the closing of this report.

Source: federal Senate

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