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20 end user domain sales including a $50k .in sale

An online event platform, several software companies, and a cosmetic laser franchise bought domain names.

Picture of bundles of 500 euro notes with the words "End User Domain Sales" and the logo for Sedo

It was quite a week for end user sales with nearly 20 hits including one of the highest .IN sales to date, This is their company name so it makes perfect sense that they invested in it even at its high price tag.

Here’s a look at some of the domains end users bought at Sedo this past week. You can review previous end user sales lists here. $50,000 – Hopin is an online events production company. I wrote about its domain last week. This will be a nice shortener. $29,995 – Hoss allows people to track and manage third-party APIs. $23,500 – The domain resolves to a website that claims FullPlay is the “Future of Marketing”. $9,999 – CorTech LLC, which operates a jobs listing site on the domain. It’s not my favorite domain, but it beats its old one:! $9,888 – The buyer of (which was the top sale last week). $7,000 – Krow Software, a Professional Services Automation software company. $5,000 – Forwards to, a “locals-led” travel site. $5,000 – TopGene’s original core business is personalized non-invasive diagnostics to treat cancer but they have since established a new business unit dedicated to medical and KN95 masks. $3,900 – A Korean professional sports gear manufacturer and design company. $3,800 – The whois shows eSigner as the company name but it’s difficult to attach this to a specific company. €3,600 – Forwards to, a gynecology practice in Cologne, Germany. $3,500 – Laser Away is a cosmetic laser service franchise with multiple locations in the U.S. €3,500 – Forwards to “DIE WELT” is a German newspaper and this site is their corresponding online magazine for their news items and live video streams of political speeches and news. €2,900 – Forwards to, a website about the popular Keto diet with related supplements and products for purchase. €2,499 – This is an individual’s website in German offering information and know-how on writing scientific papers. €2,380 – Forwards to, a service provider for smartphone repairs. You can also buy single components to make repairs yourself. $2,355 – Forwards to, a digital and web design agency. €2,000 – Forwards to the website for Sendatzki + Rosenthal Autoteile und Lacke, a group of auto-related companies. €2,000 – Forwards to, a political and PR consulting firm in Eastern Germany. They handle marketing and public relations for companies within the real estate industry. €2,000 – Website about taxation in the Netherlands aimed at individuals and small entrepreneurs.


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