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Tron moving to


Tron acquires

Tron (TRX) is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system based on a cryptocurrency native to the system, known as TRX.

They operate on But yesterday they put out a release they are moving to Currently it’s redirecting to Tron.Network.

On Medium they wrote an article announcing the move and seem to be hoping the name can bring a lot to the table.

From the article:

Single-letter prefix is the most succinct and thus the most impressive form of domain names. It is easy to visit and share, and is rare on the market due to the limited number of variations. To further extend brand influence, TRON registered the top single-letter domain, one of the 26 of its kind with .network as suffix, which speaks to its rarity and value.

Easy to remember and quick to type out, the new domain name will draw more visits to TRON’s official site and boost the TRON brand.

That last part there is asking a lot of a domain name, especially a new gtld. Their name is already pretty easy to remember, and it’s just 4 keystrokes.

The company did raise $70 million in an ICO, maybe a move to or, though I doubt or would be available as both are being used for real businesses.

If you continue to read the piece on Medium, the CEO does seem to think there is investment value in the domain name. Justin Sun commented: “The simple domain name not only contains collectible value but may also help deliver more premium investments. Its biggest significance lies in the building of company brand and business value.”

TRX currently trades for $0.017688 USD. I wish them luck but they might be asking too much of a domain name.

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