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the number of malicious code infections in Brazil grows compared to last year


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Against the general opposite of Latin America, which presented an 8% drop in infections by malicious code in 2019, Brazil had a growth of 1.26% compared to last year, rising from 11% in 2018 to 12.26% in 2019, reports the ESET 2020 Security Report.

According to the study, there has been a maturation in the way cyber attacks are carried out. The company noted a decrease in generalist and mass attacks, which are in transition to more targeted attacks, which is no reason to relax with security, since the more targeted, the greater the chances of success.

Blue represents 2019 and green represents 2018 (Reproduction: ESET)

The main objective of the report is to analyze the security situation of companies in Latin America. For your production, ESET was attended by more than 3900 companies, divided into 14 different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala and others.

The results

Undue access to information is what concerns companies most in terms of cybersecurity, with 60% of companies claiming to be their main concern. Information theft is in second place, with 55% and infections by malware or malicious code in third place, with 53%.

Phishing attacks remain a widely exploited problem on the continent. Of the individual users interviewed, almost 45% said they had received phishing attempts related to the new coronavirus pandemic. In addition, 50% assured that the company they work for does not have the necessary tools to keep remote work safe.

About 60% of the companies analyzed said they had suffered a security incident during the year of 2019, a figure that remains in relation to last year. Another fact that remains is the infection by malicious codes: 1 in 3 companies reported having suffered an infection, which includes ransomware.

An average of 60% (Playback: ESET)

As much as the idea of ​​worrying about data security has existed in companies since the last few years (considerable increase after the LGPD), ESET researchers believe that at this moment there is a need to mitigate the new attacks, which are increasingly targeted, to avoid further damage, especially with regard to data management, both for employees, as well as customers and users.

Check out the ESET 2020 Security Report and stay on top of technological trends in addition to identifying the best ways to keep your company safe and out of the hands of cybercriminals.

Source: ESET

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