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Tesla : Artificial Intelligence – the .AI domain is on the rise

The future lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technology that stands to change the world, promising an unprecedented and prosperous future. AI has long been at the vanguard of a list of emerging technologies, including big data, robotics and IoT (Internet of Things). Many believe that its role as a technological innovator will only improve in the days to come.

In the world of domain names, the extension that is most commonly associated with AI is, no surprise, .AI. It is slowly gaining popularity, which is evident by the online presence of several artificial intelligence companies taking advantage of .ai domain names. So, is .AI here to stay, or just a passing phase to fade away with time?

First, What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a way of programming computers to think, make decisions, and process data without additional input from human users. AI has existed in rudimentary forms for many years, but as the technology improves, many believe that AI that surpasses human intelligence is right around the corner. Such an achievement would be equivalent to milestones like the invention of writing, agriculture, or the industrial revolution. Many futurists predict that by 2050, this technology will provide considerable benefit to our daily lives.

At present, AI is in an interesting state. Like with the introduction of PCs in the early 1980s or the Internet evolution from the early 1990s, artificial intelligence is prevalent and well-known, but not very well understood by the general public. Much of the public perception of AI is thanks to eminent Silicon Valley executives like Elon Musk of Tesla/SpaceX, who has started widespread AI integration and is open about its potential consequences.

With that in mind, the section below describes some real world AI applications:

AI in Banking: The banking sector has been deploying AI at a rapid pace. For example, it incorporated data analytics techniques to reduce illegal transactions. In fact, even outside of banking, AI is one of the best possible security enhancement solutions available to several business sectors, including retail and finances.

AI in Agriculture: Many organizations that deal in automation and robotics have helped farmers find more efficient ways of protecting their crops from weeds. In addition, a Berlin-based agricultural tech start-up called PEAT, has developed an application called Plantix that detects the potential defects and nutrient deficiencies found in the soil through images.

AI in Healthcare: Healthcare facilities and medical care centers often rely on AI to save human lives. For instance, an organization called Cambio HealthCare developed its clinical decision support system that can help prevent strokes in patients while giving the physician a warning that there’s a patient at risk of having a heart stroke.

AI in autonomous vehicles: Self-driving cars have been the poster child of the AI industry for quite a long time. The development of autonomous cars will revolutionize the transportation system. The best example would be Tesla’s self-driving car, which uses AI for computer vision, image detection, and deep learning. The result is cars which can automatically detect objects and drive around without any human interaction.

AI in Chatbots: Virtual assistants are becoming a regular thing now. Many home appliances can now be controlled by Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, and are gaining popularity because of their easy to use features. Amazon’s Echo is perhaps the one of the great examples where words are put into action by Artificial Intelligence. Now, you can tune into your favorite music, set your alarm, or search the internet, all with one voice command.

What is an .AI domain?

.AI is the country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Anguilla, which is a small British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. However, a massive amount of businesses that have nothing to do with Anguilla have registered .AI domain names. In fact, the .AI domain extension has become so integrated with the world of artificial intelligence that it sometimes seems that it was specifically designed for the industry.

To backtrack a little, the .AI extension was created in 1995. However, it didn’t see widespread use until after 2009, when .ai registration was made available to businesses and individuals outside Anguilla. This is where AI companies stepped in to capitalize on the extension.

Currently, .AI domain name extensions are being used by almost every organization dealing in AI, or any other segment of AI-like robotics, deep learning, or machine learning.

Why should I opt for .AI domain?

The .ai domain name is snappy, easy to remember, and at the same time is prompt in showcasing to the world your passion and enthusiasm for innovation. Right now, the best choice for startups and artificial intelligence companies with a view to change the world using technology are at the top of the list of potential buyers for .ai domains.

Why is .ai domain considered as an investment?

Firstly, the price of the .AI domain is generally lower than that of a .COM domain. Furthermore, due to the age and massive popularity of .COM, almost all the good and memorable .COM names are already taken, and even if the right one still exists, it is most likely very expensive or not for sale. Unlike .COM domain names, the .AI domain is relatively “new,” so finding a relevant name should be far easier. At this moment, AI domain names are huge in the startup sphere, so registering a domain name for a considerable price now might prove fruitful after a few years. If you want to secure your .AI domain, make sure to do so at an accredited registrar, such as 101domain.

Thoughts about its SEO ranking

Today, when typing the word “AI” in a search engine, users probably don’t have the small Caribbean island in their minds. Rather, they are seeking news related to the hot new tech on the block, artificial intelligence. The presence of the .AI domain name extension adds an extra value, fetching a high SEO ranking.

Is this right for me?

The thought of artificial intelligence automatically comes to mind whenever AI is heard, making this domain name ideal for organizations in this highly innovative field. It is most suitable for academics and tech companies who want to present their outstanding and unique ideas and research about AI.

The list below describes services using the .AI domain name for throwing light on their area of functioning.

Service personalization:

Machine learning is an aspect of AI that provides businesses with supreme quality customer care. For example, is paving the path for AI-powered customer care systems, having the ability to assemble customer service data, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms which continuously goes through a learning process by interacting with customers.

Business operations:

Many aspects of business management, especially aspects that are monotonous or rudimentary, can also be handled by the right AI. This is in reference to, which has helmed the creation of deep learning machinery, which can be used to sort information and documents at a rapid pace with greater accuracy and less error.

Healthcare improvements:

Healthcare-related enterprises like are deploying deep learning technologies for pattern recognition, and are helping medical practitioners and health care specialists monitor and process different types of medical treatment data. Deep learning algorithms are meant to detect the subtle patterns that correspond to disease profiles. Additionally, the healthcare industry is also utilizing deep learning in ways never thought before. This includes primary stage disease detection, finding new medicines, and opening new avenues for repurposing already established and tested drugs for usage on a different disease.


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