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Plugin allows you to ‘take revenge’ on those who only send you spam


How about getting revenge on that annoying company that doesn’t respect its users, that salesman that doesn’t leave you alone, or overloading that bot from a suspicious website that you don’t even remember how you got your email anymore? With the plugin You’ve Got Spam announced this Tuesday (03) in the newsletter The Hustle, it’s possible.

In this constant dispute for attention in the information age, anything can. It is not new today that we receive the same uninteresting content in a massive way, or those appealing messages with an attempt to sell products in the scream. What’s worse is that this is becoming more and more common in our email inbox.

You’ve Got Spam is a free plugin for Gmail, available for download in the digital magazine of the viral products store MSCHF. The tool is equipped with several email marketing lists where you can add that address that only sends you spam to get a lot of spam back.

However, You’ve Got Spam it’s not just joy. In the same way that you can add those who are abusing the content triggering tools by email, you can also you can use the tool maliciously and add your boss, your sister and anyone else you want.

Therefore, the tool that aims to be an ally in combating spam by email can become a weapon – almost nuclear – that sends large amounts of spam to anyone, since anyone can add an email address -mail to the database of “spammers”.

Source: The Hustle.

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