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Microsoft buys domain to prevent piracy

The US company bought a domain that had been offered for sale two months ago for $ 1.7 million to solve security problems with older versions of Windows.

Microsoft bought the domain to prevent potential piracy actions involving Windows users, the ZDnet and Engadget technology sites reported after cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs revealed the transaction.

Microsoft confirmed the acquisition of the domain without giving much explanation or revealing the purchase price, but Krebs had indicated in February that the owner of the domain had put it up for sale for $ 1.7 million.

“To help keep systems secure, we encourage our customers to have security habits when planning internal domains and network names. We launched advice in June 2009 and a security update to keep customers safe. In that commitment, we also acquired the domain, “Microsoft’s official source told ZDnet.

The main problem was that older versions of Windows by default assumed a directory called “Corp”, which was not changed by most business users, who, when creating their information sharing networks, kept them with that configuration.

This made it possible that many computer users who maintained this configuration may have had their equipment vulnerable when using public Internet networks, causing confusion on the computer between the Corp directory and the domain.


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