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Is this domain really worth $30,728?

Kassey Lee explains why this domain, which sold at auction last month, has a bounty of potential buyers.

The word "Sold" in big letters in quote on red background sold for $30,728 on Godaddy Auctions on June 15, and I think it is a good deal for the buyer. Here’s why:

  1. Huang Guan represents a prestigious brand: 皇冠 (crown). A prestigious brand can be worth billions of dollars, so its matching .com will be priceless.
  2. The domain is short, with only nine letters in the name, which appeals to Chinese companies because “short” is loved. Remember the craze for 2-letter domains?
  3. It’s 2-pin, which is the most popular type among Pinyin names. You see 2-pin names everywhere in China, for example Bai Du (, Jing Dong (, and Mei Tuan (
  4. There are many potential buyers for this domain. Baidu’s corporate credit database lists more than 100 Chinese companies using “皇冠 (crown)” in their names. Similar results can be found in Crunchbase and Baidu URL search.
  5. Huang Guan has multiple meanings. In addition to “皇冠 (crown)”, Huang Guan has other meanings, too, thus allowing you to create other brands. Some examples are 煌观 (brilliant view), 凰冠 (phoenix hat), and 黄馆 (yellow building).

How much can be sold to a Chinese company? When it comes to end user pricing, there is no fixed rule. It depends on the desire and also affordability of the buyer, which is illustrated in the stunning $30 million sale of to Hong Kong-based blockchain startup Block.One in 2019.


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