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The suffix ify is used to form verbs meaning to cause an increase in the stated quality; to become. It has been a popular naming category sought out and registered by those in the brandable domain name space.

BrandBucket has 166 names ending in “ify” for sale.

Of course two of the most well known companies on the Internet use this naming convention. Spotify and Shopify.

There is an interesting story to how Spotify got it’s name, it actually happened by mistake.

2021 has already produced the highest reported “-ify” sale of all time. Tony Lam sold for $75,000. The buyer was operating on for years.

Speechify™ is SpeechWorks International, Inc.’s state of the art Text-To-Speech (TTS) system.

Namebio shows 483 domain name sales ending in “-ify” for close to a million dollars.

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