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Fake SpaceX transmission was used to steal Bitcoin on YouTube

Pyramid system promised 200% return after donation

Elon Musk and his space company, SpaceX, are gaining more and more popularity in the world. Because of this, cybercriminals have been using their names to attract possible victims to their scams. In the past few weeks, a live stream on a fake YouTube channel bearing the name of Musk’s company has provided a QR code with misleading Bitcoin offers.

To attract victims, a long feed of messages sent by bots showed positive phrases, such as “I can’t thank you enough”. In the text of the broadcast, which showed inverted NASA images, a promise of cryptocurrency donations with a 200% return convinced those watching.


Upon entering the channel community page, you can notice some strange things. All posts are written in Cyrillic, an alphabet used in Slavic languages, such as Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian, and in the oldest, a photo with barbecue ribs with the caption “#bbq”.

At the time this text was produced, the broadcast had already been taken down by the site, with a warning that the video was removed for violating the YouTube community guidelines displayed instead.


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