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Epik Hosting Hacked by Anonymous


Epik is both a domain registrar and web host service provider, and hosts the sewers of the Internet.

Some of the sites they provide services to:

  • GAB

  • Parler

  • T_D’s Offsite

  • All the hate subreddit offsites that followed T_D to Epik

  • 8Kun

  • BitChute (sitewide hardbanned on Reddit for hosting content that violates not just Reddit’s Sitewide Rules but also US laws w/r/t material support for foreign terrorist organisations, among other illegal content)

  • Potentially many others.


The hackers will release the registration information (and other information) for the people running these sites, Soon™, thereby kicking these bigots out of the shadows.

This will result in the people running these sites being publicly exposed, and lawsuits being filed against them, and potentially criminal charges being pursued against them for aiding & abetting the crimes that occurred in connection with their services

But let me re-iterate:

  • T_D’s offsite and all the now-shuttered hate subreddits (and quite a lot of still-in-existence-but-on-their-last-gasp hate subreddits) which made offsites via the services extended to them via T_D’s offsite.

Which means

the users of these hate sites going to flee those offsites, because of a “violation of their privacy”, or because the creators get sued or picked up by FBI and the offsites shut down, or because they can’t find any place else to go to.

That means they’re going to try to come back to Reddit.

That means we’ll be seeing — very soon — a sharp uptick in hate speech, harassment, violent threats, and horrible subreddits being created.


Source: Reddit

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