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Datacom Group Limited not happy with RDNH ruling



Data is everything in today’s world and a name like Datacom is a very strong brand. Down under it seems like a couple different companies have been using the name for decades. The names in question are <> and <>

One company got hit with a judgement of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. The case was between Datacom Group Limited and Datacom Communications Pty Ltd is out with an article discussing the details of the case.

It seems the company hit with the RDNH does not agree they tried to do anything below the belt.

The WIPO panel did not agree.

From the article:

However, the WIPO panel wrote that it seemed “more likely than not”
that the Datacom Australia or its New Zealand parent were aware of the
respondent’s use of the “Datacom” name in relation to its computer and
communications businesses from at least the time of its Australian
incorporation as Datacom Australia Holdings on August 22, 2000.

“At that time, either the complainant or its agents would very likely have searched the ASIC register and would have found that Datacom Communications Pty Ltd had been on the register since 1994,” the panel wrote.

You can read the ruling here

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