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Cyberattack on Ultrapar affects fuel distribution at Ipiranga network stations


The Ultra Group, also known as Ultrapar, responsible for the Ipiranga network of gas stations, suffered a cyber attack this Monday (11). The attack affected the operation of several gas stations in the country. No details of the attack were released.

In a statement addressed to the company’s investors, the CFO and investor relations officer, Rodrigo de Almeida Pizzinatto, writes that the company noticed an attack on its technology environment on 11 January. The attack disrupted some systems and consequently the operation of some subsidiaries.

The company informs that because of the attack, it is operating in an emergency regime. “The Company promptly activated its control and security protocols to block the attack and minimize any impacts and is operating on a contingency basis“, says the statement published on Tuesday (12).

Lack of fuel

It was registered lack of fuel on Tuesday (12) and Wednesday (13) at stations in the metropolitan region of Florianópolis (SC) and elsewhere in Brazil. According to NSC Total, the fuel shortage was caused by the cybercriminal attack on Ultrapar.

The president of the Retail Trade Union of Mineral Fuels of Florianópolis (Sindópolis), Joel Fernandes, believes that the attack affected about 100 gas stations in the Florianópolis region.

An alternative channel has been established by the company, so that it can communicate with its customers, employees and suppliers, issue notes and orders to distributors, informs Fernandes.

Big problem

O attack was described as a “serious problem” by the National Federation of Fuels and Lubricants Trade (Fuels), in a note published on Wednesday (13).

“The National Federation of Trade in Fuels and Lubricants (Fecombustíveis) informs that it has received information from the distributor Ipiranga, which will be reestablishing your computer system, which went through a serious problem yesterday (12/01). The orders and billing of the flagged resale are being resumed slowly ”, writes the federation’s press office.

Ipiranga. Ultrapar is responsible for more than 7,200 gas stations in the Ipiranga network, one of the largest in the country. Photo: Disclosure / Ipiranga
Ultrapar is responsible for more than 7,200 gas stations in the Ipiranga network, one of the largest in the country. Photo: Disclosure / Ipiranga

Ultra Group

In addition to the Ipiranga service station network, Ultrapar is also responsible for Extrafarma pharmacies, the chemical company Oxiteno, the logistics company Ultracargo and the kitchen gas distributor, Ultragaz.

The company says it is investigating the case and promises to publish an update as soon as it has more information. “Ultrapar is evaluating the extent of this incident and acting to mitigate its effects, making every effort to normalize its operations, and will keep the market informed of any relevant information related to this evento ”, concludes the group’s note.

Sources: Ultra Group; Total NSC; Fecombustibles.

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