Need a Brazilian domain, but you do not live in Brazil? No problem!

We offer a simple and fast solution for non-Brazilian residents to be able to register Brazilian domains quickly using our platform. The process is the same as registering any other domain name.

Why can not I register a .BR domain name?

The ccTLDs ending with the .BR are extensions of domain names created for Brazilian residents who have legal residence and legal documentation issued by the Brazilian government.

If you live in any other country, and you do not have links with Brazil, you can not register .BR domains.

In order to register a .BR domain, you must have a document called a CPF (Individual Register) or a CNPJ (Legal Entity Registry) the latter intended for companies. These documents need to be active in the government database, besides you also have to live in Brazil, having a legal address within the country.

I do not live in Brazil, how can I register a .BR domain?

If you do not reside in Brazil and need to register .BR domains, we can help! We are one of the only companies in Brazil to provide domain names internationally.

The process is very simple, you just need to check domain availability, and register normally, as if you were registering any other domain name.

We will identify your address as being outside Brazil, and we will automatically register your domain using our data (IMPREZA HOST), this domain will then be registered and you can use it normally.

Note that you must follow the Brazilian laws when using a .BR domain, any content that goes against the laws of the country, we may suspend your domain name without any notice.

Ready to register a .BR domain?

There are dozens of .BR extensions you can register with us, and that number is increasing. Before making an inquiry, please see some of the available extensions, and search them using our search engine below.

  • – this is the extension most used by Brazilians.
  • – extension for internet in Brazil.
  • – for artistic professionals.
  • – for Brazilian blogs.
  • – for professionals and engineering companies.
  • – for companies and NGOs related to ecology.
  • – for Brazilian industries.
  • – for musicians and musics.
  • – for professionals from different sectors.
  • – encyclopedias.
  • – for residents of the city of Porto Alegre.
  • – for residents of the city of João Pessoa.
  • – for residents of the city of Florianópolis.

Register your Domain

If our system requests CPF/CNPJ, enter any numbering in the “ooooooooooo” field. To register a .BR domain your account must pass a mandatory documentation check.