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Everyone loves a good video.

For years YouTube® has dominated the video space. No longer. Facebook®, Vimeo®, Snapchat®: Everyone shares this space now. And the world is devouring this diversity. Every day, Facebook users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video. Analysts predict that within a few years, video streaming will account for more than three-quarters of all web traffic.

If you make videos for fun or to sell products or services, the .tube domain is the place to share them. Register your own .tube domain so everyone knows they will have the best viewing experience.

Promote your product or service.

Ask any marketer: Videos are by far the best way to educate shoppers and create an emotional connection with the brand. The numbers are impressive:

  • When adding a video to an email, the number of viewers you click to learn more triples
  • Including a video on your web page can improve sales by up to 80%
  • Two-thirds of those who watch an online product video are more likely to buy

Not sure what kind of video to post? In a recent study, companies listed that customer testimonials, product demos, and tutorials are the most effective for sales (in that order).

Make contact with other enthusiasts.

No matter what you love – rugby, fashion, windsurfing, craft beer – a .tube domain name can help you connect with your community through videos. Just add your topic before. to get the attention of like-minded fans. The .tube domain is great for:

  • Players
  • Travelers from around the world
  • Fitness Gurus
  • Sports teams
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Music fans

With enough high quality content, you can even charge for it and make money from ads.

Promote your existing videos.

A new .tube domain doesn’t mean you need to create a new video library. Why not put together all the clips you have ever shared on YouTube or Vimeo and display them on your own .tube site? Cutting the middleman has its benefits:

  • Better online visibility
  • More control over ads
  • More money for you

Start now on a beautiful site using the WordPress® .tube domain theme and the Video Curator plugin for WordPress. Great for photographers, journalists, bloggers and others, the .tube domain theme features great images and looks great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

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