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The new .social domain name is coming just in time. Social media is part of life as many people start or end their days by accessing social networks. From Facebook® and Twitter® to Pinterest®, Instagram® and Vine®, our need for connection is daunting. We simply cannot do without this connection.

So it was only a matter of time before entrepreneurs started using social media to promote their businesses. It’s free and gives you access to thousands of potential customers, and it turns marketing into a two-way exchange rather than a one-way selling strategy. Of course customers love it.

.social domains are a perfect web address for:

  • Companies that want to engage customers through a digital hub
  • Hosting and software companies offering user forums or user communities
  • Support groups, dating services and professional associations that bring members together
  • Promotional campaigns with a social element

A brilliant shortcut to your social media page.

If your business markets to the general public under 35, you already know how important it is to be active on social media. Nearly two thirds of them follow their favorite brands on social media. So why not use your .social domain to direct people to your Facebook or Instagram page? Instead of searching for your business, they can find you by simply typing your .social web address into their browser.

One address for all your tweets, videos and more.

Whoever you are – freelance blogger, brand manager or media wizard – register .social to show people what you look like. Gather all your feeds, posts, photos, and promotions in one place. Just add your business, topic or product name to an easy-to-remember web address.

Promote your social media or branded services.

This new domain is perfect for social media managers, experts, brand managers, content writers, social media influencers, and anyone working in this booming industry. Use social media to showcase your professional skills, such as:

  • The social media division of an advertising agency
  • A freelance social media consultant
  • A blogger who covers social media

Nearly a third of the world’s population is active on social media, with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter leading in popularity. Usage is currently booming in Asia Pacific, with the number of active social media users increasing by double digits each year. Now is the time to be active on (or working with) social media – and .social is the perfect domain for you.

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