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Attract customers with coupons.

Smart retailers know that discount coupons increase profits. Everyone loves to save. Buyers worldwide redeemed 16 billion digital coupons in 2014. Analysts expect this number to nearly double in 2019, so there must be something interesting about it.

Use the new .promo domain to:

  • Coupon site that brings together the best discounted deals on the web
  • Brand link to area on your site that lists all your best offers
  • Promotion with an environmental, social or geographical element or a limited time offer
  • Loyalty application that sends text messages or emails with customer targeted offers
  • Reward program for social media buyers about their experiences with your business

Using the .promo domain in your web address will attract visitors with the promise of discounts or exclusive offers. It is also a Web search term. That way, people who are looking for offers will be more likely to find your site among the results.

Make your brand a loyalty program.

More than three-quarters of global consumers who responded to a Nielsen survey said they are interested in retailers because of loyalty programs. These programs give customers redeemable points, vouchers, coupons, or gifts for recurring purchases. By being given the option to go somewhere that doesn’t offer an incentive, customers are more likely to prefer your business.

Loyalty programs are worth it. Keeping a customer costs a fraction of what it costs to earn a new customer. Long-term customers require less effort on their part, which makes them more profitable. When they share a positive opinion, they bring new customers at no cost to you. So any effort pays off to keep them coming back.

Advertise your event or services.

.promo domains also make the web address dynamic for special promotional events such as grand openings or charity golf tournaments. It has several uses for:

  • PR companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Car Dealers
  • Annual fund raisers
  • Local festivals

Whether you offer coupons to loyal buyers or are hosting a charity event: Buy the .promo domain to spread the word online.

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