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If you or your loved one is ill or in trouble, a hospital trip is a vital step to recovery. The newly launched .hospital domain offers medical centers an ideal web address for presenting accurate and clear healthcare information online. From healthcare facilities and teaching hospitals to treatment centers and charities, the .hospital domain will make it easier for patients to find it online and offline.

Although the history of hospitals is 2,000 years old, today’s facilities are modern health centers with sophisticated medical equipment and highly trained professionals committed to providing the best patient care. Having a robust digital presence is an essential aspect of the operation of any hospital today. With more and more people searching for health information online, it is important for medical centers to offer expertise beyond the hospital walls.

The .hospital domain is here to heal the world.

Like any website, an excellent healthcare site starts with a relevant and recognizable web address. Straight to the point, .hospital is an excellent choice for all types of hospitals. Whether it’s a regional hospital network or local community health center, the .hospital domain is patient-oriented and tells users exactly what to do.

Many hospital websites now have applications that allow direct communication with patients. These “patient portals” facilitate non-urgent medical care and make it more efficient than ever. Today, a patient can access the web to fill out medical forms, schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, view medical records, and more. A .hospital domain is the perfect place for these patient portals.

An online place for all types of health care.

The attractiveness of the .hospital domain extends beyond hospital websites to other types of healthcare providers and medical organizations. Specialty clinics, treatment centers, and charities will have an appropriate web address in this new domain. It even caters for veterinary hospitals. Combined with a proper brand name, the .hospital domain is an excellent web address for veterinary clinics that treat your pets.

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