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Life is not just about fun and games, but they are an essential part of it. From catch-up during recess to bingo, games bring us together for fun and relaxation. And now, as we are increasingly looking for game entertainment online, there’s a perfect web address for the sites we visit for fun – .game is ready to play.

It is easy to see why the popularity of online games is tremendous. There are games for everyone on the Web. Whether your site hosts video games, word games, card games or puzzles: a .game domain is the best way to invite people around the world who are looking for gaming fun. .

A domain name to change the game.

.game not only provides a winning address for gaming sites, but is also a great choice for the numerous forums, blogs, and other publishers serving the online gaming communities.

There are forums and blogs for every type of player in the world, from crossword puzzle lovers to video game enthusiasts. These are the sites where players go to learn expert tips and tricks and connect with other players. No matter what type of gaming related website you operate, .game is the best place to be found.

And don’t forget the brands behind these games, from the latest smartphone apps to classic board games that have kept families entertained for decades. Companies that create, produce, or sell games can also attract an online audience with this perfect domain extension.

The .game domain is where people go to play.

Playing is part of human nature. No matter how old you are or where you live, we are all connected for the love of games. Whether alone or in groups, on laptops or smartphones, games provide the challenges and entertainment we all seek. With the launch of this high-level extension, game-related sites have an online place to invite players around the world to test their skills. If you are looking for a good and fun online place, the .game domain is the place.

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