Backup and Restore
Microsoft Office 365


OneDrive for



A complete Backup with 1TB Included for 1 Device!

A service ready-to-use. If needed you can add more Storage and more Devices, add as many as you want. A simple solution for your Server or Machine, simple to install and use!


/per month

$5.00 for each additional TB and $2.50 for each additional Devices*

There is a 5% Tax for all Products Purchased due the VAT Tax

A value-added tax, or VAT, is a common form of consumption tax that is due at every stage of a product’s production from the sale of the raw materials to its final purchase by a consumer.


Seychelles charges us by 15% but we managed to charge our clients by 5% tax

Fast and Secure Backup for


Outlook Calendar

Outlook Contacts

OneDrive for Business


Teams Files

Microsoft recommends third-party backups

Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer. In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.  – Microsoft Services Agreement: Section 6 Service Availability

Key Features to Protect your Data


Backup mailboxes – emails, attachments, calendars & contacts

Backup files within OneDrive for Business & SharePoint sites

Backup files and attachments from Microsoft Teams

Backup to your own storage

Options to backup all or selected mailboxes/sites

High performance incremental backups

Quick and easy search/filter features


Restore full mailbox or selected emails

Preview emails before restoring

Restore SharePoint sites, OneDrive and Teams files within the associated site

Restore from any point in time

Restore to local PC

Restore to original O365 or custom cloud location

Quick and advanced sort/search features

Restore with default or customizable retention policies


Built-in Azure AD application registration

Remote configurations via Impreza Server

Instant credential validations using ‘Test connection’ feature

Backup / Restore job logs

Up to date O365 accounts list – auto add/remove accounts

Single cloud console to manage and monitor backups

Schedule backups, manually enable/disable backups

Centralized Management with Impreza Backup Panel

Microsoft Office 365 data is secure, easily discoverable and always accessible

Common Questions

What is meant by an O365 user on Impreza’s pricing page?

Any user with Microsoft Office 365 account is O365 user. Only active users are available for selection from the Office 365 Admin Center. Mailboxes of guest users, deleted users, eDiscovery, and Journals are not available in the Admin Center selection list for backup.

Which computer is connecting to Microsoft and reading the email data? Is this running on a server that I set up, or on the user's desktop?

It’s running on the end-user’s Impreza Backup device, for complete privacy and to support local backup destinations. Another option is to run a Impreza Backup device in the cloud on behalf of your protected customer – Azure has the best connection to Microsoft Office 365.

Can multiple tenants be backed up from a single device?

Yes from a single device multiple Protected Items can be created, each pointing to a different Microsoft Office 365 tenant organization.

Will new mailboxes automatically be included in the backup when “All mailboxes” is selected?

Yes – If you choose “All mailboxes”, the list of mailboxes will be scanned at the start of every backup job. Alternatively, you can select individual mailboxes using any of the following selections:

  • Choose to backup all users or only selected users
  • Backup all users except for the selected users

Will the backup / restore run if the endpoint is offline?

The backup and restore operations are performed by the Impreza Backup Device. The Impreza Backup device must be online to perform a backup or restore job. If the end-user does not have a suitable endpoint device, you could consider hosting a device on their behalf in the cloud.

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