Backup and Restore Data with
Application-Aware Writer

Backup and Restore Data with
Application-Aware Writer

Application-Aware Writer booster allows you to invoke a single VSS Writer, or a sub-component of a single VSS Writer, and back up only the files that it was protecting.

A complete Backup with 1TB Included for 1 Device!

A service ready-to-use. If needed you can add more Storage and more Devices, add as many as you want. A simple solution for your Server or Machine, simple to install and use!


/per month

$5.00 for each additional TB and $2.50 for each additional Devices*

There is a 5% Tax for all Products Purchased due the VAT Tax

A value-added tax, or VAT, is a common form of consumption tax that is due at every stage of a product’s production from the sale of the raw materials to its final purchase by a consumer.


Seychelles charges us by 15% but we managed to charge our clients by 5% tax

Backup any Custom VSS-Aware Program

Oracle DB

MailStore Server

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft SharePoint

Pervasive PSQL(Actian Zen)

And more!

Supports any installed VSS Writer component

Restore all or individual components

Remotely configure backups from the web

Key Features to Protect your Data


Select and backup all or individual components (e.g. Oracle Databases) within the VSS Writer

Request any available type of backup from the VSS Writer, including VSS Full, VSS Copy, VSS Incremental, or VSS Differential

Backup direct to the cloud

High-performance, incremental backups with customizable scheduling

Backup to your own storage locations

Deduplication of data for fast, bandwidth efficient backups


Restore from any point in time

Restore to a local machine

Restore files back to same machine or to a different device

Restore individual components (e.g. individual Oracle Databases) or all components at once

Highly efficient restore process that downloads only the minimum number of chunks required

Secure, military-grade encryption during backup, transit and at rest


Live connection between the web and the agent to update selections

Flexible scheduling

Select from 9 customizable retention range policies

Custom email reporting

Backup / restore job logs

Customize pre and post commands

HIPAA compliant

GDPR compliant

Common Questions

What is VSS?

VSS is a subsystem within Windows to help manage taking point-in-time snapshots of data and applications.

Can I back up open files?

Our system can back up open files using VSS with the “File and Folder” protected item type when you enable the “Take file system snapshot” checkbox. The separate Application-Aware Writer booster is for other installed applications that provide a VSS Writer driver. You don’t need Application-Aware Writer booster to back up open files with our software.

What is a VSS Writer?

A VSS Writer is a driver built into the VSS subsystem in Windows to allow a backup job to be fully consistent with the state of an application. When you select a VSS Writer Protected Item type “Application-Aware Writer”, our software asks the VSS Writer to produce an application consistent backup of all your application specific data which is then made available.

What applications can I back up via a VSS Writer?

Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle DB and many other third party applications provide a VSS Writer driver with their product. By using the “Application-Aware Recorder” protected item type in our software, you can back up data from these applications in an application-consistent manner.

Don’t know how to
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