Impreza offers an affiliate program, which is subject to the “Rules of the Affiliate Program”, these rules are subject to change without notice. The latest version can always be reviewed by you on this page.


1.1 The affiliate program registration is exclusively available for active or new Impreza’s customers, that after affiliate program activation, become an Affiliate and start enjoying all the benefits generated by the program.

1.2 When registering in the Program, the Affiliate is responsible for providing accurate registration data and bank details to ensure timely and correct Impreza payments in accordance with this Regulation.


2.1 Once you activate your affiliate account in the Control Panel, the system will generate a unique affiliate link for you. This link should be included in any advertising materials, such as banners, so that any new customers you refer can be linked to your account.

2.2 The Affiliate is allowed to use his/her links in advertising campaigns or any other forms of communication, as long as it doesn’t harm Impreza in any way. The expense, cost, or any effort exerted shall be solely the Affiliate’s responsibility, with no liability on Impreza’s part.

2.3 It is prohibited to use the Impreza speech, image, or mark without proper authorization. Additionally, linking the affiliate program to any form of illegality, immorality or statements containing prejudices of any kind is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Impreza reserves the right to make its own promotions, create and change the plans participants of the Program without notice.


3.1 The Affiliate will be entitled to receive a commission for a maximum of 999 months. The commission will be up to 10% (ten percent) of the amount paid for any product sold on the Impreza website. However, for low-cost products, the commission may vary between 5% and 10%.

3.2 There will be no compensation or discount provided if the nominee contracts a non-participant plan of the Affiliate program, or if the Nominee is municipal, state or Federal public agency, or part of direct or indirect public administration.

3.3 There will be no additional fees or discounts for any extra services offered with a product (such as dedicated IP, increased memory, CPU, or additional email boxes…), as Impreza offers these products to all customers with no profit margin, which means that they are sold at cost without any additional markup.

3.4 At any time, it may be requested invoice or receipt to the Affiliate in case of figures over R$ 500,00 (five hundred Brazilian reais).

3.5 The Affiliate is required to process the withdrawal request by 10:00 am on the last Friday of each month. Payment will only be made once a month, typically on the last Friday of the month, for all withdrawal requests that have been approved from any bank.

3.6 If the last Friday of the month is not a business day, payment will be issued on the next business day.

3.7 The payment for affiliate marketing will be processed only through PayPal, and it will be made directly to the affiliate’s account. This regulation strictly prohibits any transfer of credits between affiliates. Moreover, the request for payment to a PayPal account on behalf of a third party, who is not the holder or co-holder, is also not allowed.

3.8 It’s possible withdraw credits generated by the Affiliate Program once a month with no maximum limit. The minimum withdrawal amount is R$ 60.00 (sixty Brazilian reais).

3.9 The affiliate program credit can be used to pay off outstanding balance or as Impreza credit.

4.0 Within 90 days of customer engagement, the affiliate’s account will be credited. This ensures that the customer is renewing their products and services accurately.

4.1 Attention to non-participating products: Domain Registration/Transfer Domains renewal will normally be credited.


The participation of the affiliate may be suspended or revoked without prior notice and without any right to compensation in the event of a violation of the regulations mentioned in this agreement or any other contracts with Impreza, or in case of attempted fraud against the system or tax authorities.


Impreza has the right to modify or discontinue the Affiliate Program, either temporarily or permanently, at any time, with or without notice. You acknowledge that Impreza won’t be held liable to you or any third party in case of any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the service.