Private cloud made to

Some Advantages:


Automatically synchronize your files with the most secure cloud the world!


Upload up to 2GB of files, use the private cloud Syncloud the most, store your most important files.


Share files with your friends or colleagues whenever you want, set dates and passwords to share.


Syncloud is a private cloud, and you are guaranteed to keep your files protected with the latest technology.

Your files with you always.

With Syncloud, you keep on your computer, tablet or smartphone all that you love, such as: photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos and whatever else you want.

Share files, photos and videos
  • with your friends.
  • with its customers.
  • with its employees.
  • with your family.

Meet some resources:

In your pocket

Charge the cloud in your pocket, do automatic upload your photos and videos.

Send files

With a few clicks you send files to your friends, add password or even expiration date.


We always want to know your needs so we can “shape” your private cloud as you want.

In a team

Share files between your team has control of everything and everyone within your group.


You need to edit a file? No problem! Just access the Syncloud any computer and edit your files directly in the browser.


Each Syncloud account is based on the highest performance, surprise yourself with our upload and download rates.

Choose the perfect plan for you:

$9.19per month
  • 10GB private storage
  • Unlimited connections
  • Application Android, iOS, Linux and Windows
  • Support 24 hours every day