CloudFlare and Impreza

Now all hosting accounts shared the Impreza can be integrated with CloudFlare’s free!

Threats lock

CloudFlare adds security for sites that use technology, because it hinders the action of attacks by malicious users.

Great Performance

CloudFlare search content requested by the website visitor at the point of closest network, speeding up the display of pages.

Replicated Data

The content of your site is replicated through the CloudFlare to several points in the network, adding security, indexing (SEO) and speed.

CDN Technology

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a content distribution network through interconnected computers, replicates the data of sites using this technology all over the Internet. This technology increases safety and improves the performance of sites, and generate resource savings of your hosting server.

Partnership Impreza and CloudFlare

The CDN technology used by the Impreza is provided by the company CloudFlare, a global benchmark in the market. Through a commercial partnership we are the first provider in Brazil and provide CDN for sites of all sizes.

Let your site Faster, safe and reliable for your customers

If you already have an account Impreza, simply activate the Free CloudFlare, or CloudFlare Free Full (recommended) in your Customer Area.

If you have any questions on the configuration, simply request activation to our support team, we will do it for you in just minutes!

If you are not a customer Impreza, but your site lives giving problems. Trust our robust solutions, and now with the CloudFlare helps too!

Now choose the best platform for your website, hire and add CloudFlare for free:

If you need a complete solution for CloudFlare your hosting provider, server VPS, Dedicated or any solution that you have online, talk to our team of experts today.