About our shop

We are since 2015 providing domains, website hosting and internet servers. We are a reference in domain registration and offshore hosting services.

Our virtual store was created as a hobby of our team, in our free time we make t-shirts and mugs with our own equipment and our own resources, without the involvement of mass production or any industry.

Part of the profits received from this virtual store is shared between our team and 10% of sales are destined as donations to the Tor project.

Each product is unique, and each order is placed manually by our team. Each artwork is also unique, we make small edits to each artwork so that the product you receive is unique in the world, we will also provide you with a link that will be printed on your product artwork (in QR Code format), where you can check the authenticity and guarantee that you are taking something unique produced by us.

Our manufacturing process is manual, that is, it is done internally with our own equipment and carefully prepared to be delivered with the best quality possible, and because it is something unique we are limiting the number of orders placed, as it is something we do with our leisure.